Janke Universal Flex Frames

This simple floating hitch system allows the Janke Universal Direct Drill Planter and Cultivator to work more efficiently and effectively in undulating terrain and across a range of soil conditions.

It provides a tractor drawbar connection that automatically maintains the right balance of weight and depth control, allowing it to closely follow ground contours independently of the tractor. The planter frame follows the contours of the ground, regardless of the tractor, for better tilling and more productive planting. The Janke Floating Hitch features a unique combination of master and slave cylinders. As the tractor pulls onto the master cylinder, it creates hydraulic pressure which is fed to the slave cylinders mounted above the hinge points of the hitch. This transfers a compensating force onto the frame, automatically exerting the correct force to maintain consistent tyne depth. The Janke System beats the other Hitches into the ground!

The Benefits:

  • Constant depth control of tynes and seed placement.
  • Maintains the correct (front and rear) balance of weight on wheels.
  • Allows for wheels to be placed inside the planter frame, the best position for ground following.
  • Provides better weight transfer to the tractor improving traction and reducing compaction under the implement.
  • Extremely reliable and trouble-free, as there are no comlex valves or electronics required or continual hydraulic power demand.
  • Positive presswheel down pressure for optimum seed germination.
  • Provides the frame with "lift level action" giving better ground clearance during transport.
  • Delivers optimum results in undulating paddocks, over contour banks, and in melon hold country.

Below: Janke T-Frame Floating Hitch with optional presswheels fitted.