Janke Universal Trailing Planter

Frame Types and Planter Unit Types  

Fixed Hitch F200 F300 F400 F500 F400P F500P

Floating Hitch F200 F300 F400 F500 F400P F500P

Linkage Planter F200 F300 F400 F500 F400P F500P    

The Janke Universal Direct Drill Planter/Cultivator was developed with input from leading growers across Australia. The result is a hard working, reliable machine that performs conventional cultivating on direct drilling tasks effectively and efficiently in all Australian conditions.

JANKE's Design Works For You.

  • At Janke, we know that machinery that works wonders on one farm may not work as well on another.
  • Whats needed is a flexible solution. Thats where Janke can help.
  • We'll listen closely to your needs. Then we'll design and build a machine that works exactly the way
    you want it to.
  • Grow with Janke. You'll reap the rewards.

The Janke system offers superior benefits:

• Strength in design for longer operational life.
• Best trash handling ability.
• Precise seed placement.
• Ease of operation and adjustment.
• Functional tyne design and operation.
• Accurate depth control.
• Flotation for maximum manoeuvrability servicing.

Standard Componentry

• 50mm/2" x 16mm/5/8" (F200 & F400) or 50mm/2" x 25mm/1" (F300 & F500) heat treated spring steel tyne shanks for durability and strength.
• Pin adjustable shank suitable for Janke direct drill points.
• Stainless steel or hard chrome pivot pins in Lubrite Polymer bushes for minimum daily maintenance.

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