History of Janke Australia

Janke Australia formerly Janke Bros began in 1922 when Eric Janke commenced business as a blacksmith and wheelwright in the small rural township of Mt. Tyson, situated on the Darling Downs – Queenslands premium farming district. Eric held an enviable reputation for his ability and honesty. As time progressed his skills were sought to repair or install boilers and cheese making equipment in cheese factories over “the Downs” and beyond.

In March 1953, brothers Clive and Kevin were joined by younger brother Ian, to form the partnership of Janke Bros. As the bulk handling of grain was commencing, the Janke Brothers were involved in the manufacture of a variety of truck, field and header trailer bins. This was followed by other products including farm buildings, television towers, silo bases, harvester attachments, and a wide range of multi-implement hitches.

Janke is at the cutting edge of custom machine design and manufacture. The company is consistently striving to create more effective environmentally economic machinery. Their products therefore inherently lend themselves to the practices of the conservationist farmer and are the preferred tools operated by growers utilising minimum or zero till farming techniques.

Janke Bros. passed on the ownership of the company in early 1996 to some of Australia’s leading agriculturalists. The company is still proudly Australian and retains its reputation of the highest quality and service in the industry.

Under new owners in 2017, Janke Australia relocated its factory to Dalby. With a new management team, the company is fully committed to manufacturing machines and spare parts for the complete range of Janke products.

Janke designs are developed with input from leading growers across Australia. The result is robust, reliable equipment that performs effectively and efficiently under any Australian condition - from deep ripping to no till farming applications. Janke machines can be found working successfully in every farming region throughout Australia, further confirming their claim to extreme durability and versatility.

Janke (Australia) endeavours to continue contributing to the preservation of quality Australian farmland and the sustainability of the industry, aspiring to promote the use of machinery that enables growers to work their country responsibly and productively.