FAQ - Janke Moisture Seeking Points

Frequently Asked Questions ~ Moisture Seeking Points

Q1. Materials Used for Points?

NI Hard
  • Extremely Hard Cast Steel (brittle hard) will snap if hit with a hammer or from hitting stones etc.
  • Can not be welded or hardfaced, well suited for abrasive soil.
  • Tungsten tipped points recommended, untipped are also available.
  • Very hard cast steel (non brittle) well suited for stony conditions can be welded, hardfaced etc
  • Tungsten tipped points are recommended, untipped are also available.
27% Chrome
  • Very hard, long wearing point suitable for abrasive soils fairly tough but can be brittle can be welded and hardfaced, only available tungsten tipped.
  • High tensile plate, can be welded and hardfaced suitable for all conditions.
  • Tungsten tipped.


Q2. Why Do I need Tungsten Tipped Points?

The tungsten tip maintains an ideal seed bed, points that do not have tungsten, or where the tungsten has fallen off, often wear in a bullnosed fashion. Bullnosing results in the glazing of the seed bed, which reduces the rate of seed germination and root establishment.


Q3. Why Do Some Points Have Wings?

Some points have wings in order to create extra soil tilth allowing for better seed coverage.

Q4. I am getting too much Soil Movement. What can I do?

Going to a narrower point will often solve the problem. In some cases slowing down planting speed is necessary.