FAQ - Janke Press Wheels

Frequently Asked Questions ~ Presswheels

  Q1. Do I need Presswheels?

The Presswheel is a very critical part of your planting operation. It is very important that you get proper seed soil contact.

In a normal planting operation, (when not using presswheels) the seed is normally covered by loose crumbly soil, only a small portion of the seed may be coming in direct contact with moist soil. Extending the germination time, the loose soil is also drying out quicker than if firmed.

When conventional planting not using Presswheels, you run the risk of the seed bed being compressed or smeared. By using incorrect or worn points resulting int he roots not being able to penetrat the compacted, smooth/glazed seed trench. (The root system will take the easy way out and send the roots along the seed trench rather sending out its laterals). This will potentially increase the risk of lodging and will also reduce the potential crop yield, though not maximizing the soil nutrients and moisture.

By using a presswheel to firm the moist soil around the seed you are achieving a few important things.

1. By getting full seed/soil contact the seed will germinate 3 to 4 days quicker than conventional unpressed seed.

2. When using Presswheels you will always get a better root establishment ie. with the soil evenly firmed around the seed it allows the plant to get a better root establishment being able to send its roots out in all directions, optimising soil moisture hence better plant stand, better yield and less chance of crop lodging.

3. By getting a quicker germination the seed will also take more advantage of the moisture to get a better root/plant establishment.

Q2. What type of Presswheel do I need?

Your selection of presswheel tyre profile is related directly to the type of planter point and soil preparation.

If you have a minimum till-no till using a narrow tyne or point, you need to use a narrow profile tyre.

To guarantee seed soil contact, using a wide tyre you run the risk of the tyre riding top of hard undisturbed shoulder and you will not get seed soil contact.

Q3. Do you make Presswheels in Gangs?

No, Janke have not made gangs for some time. We find that most of our customers prefer the single wheel type. Gangs tend to skid on corners and if one wheel rides over an obstacle, all the other wheels in the gange leave the ground also.


Q4. What Tyre Profiles are available?

Janke has a range of tyre profiles to suit most applications. These are described under the press wheel heading.


Q5. What about Wear in the Pivot Points?

The pivot block is fitted with replaceable nylon bushes. Both vertical and horizontal and horizontal bushes are the same.


Q6. Can the Down Pressure be varied?

Yes, down pressure can be adjusted by tensioning the down pressure spring. A special tool is provided for this purpose. A chart is available to show the downpressure at various settings.