FAQ - Janke Direct Drill Planters

Frequently Asked Questions ~ Direct Drill Planters

Q1. What Widths are your Machines made in?

We have built machines in most sizes sizes up to 75'. If you have a special requirement we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Q2. What Tyne breakout do you have?


We currently have  91kg/200lb, 136kg/300lb, 182kg/400lb, 227kg/500lb Breakout Tynes with Spring Release and 227-386k/500-800lb Variable Hydraulic Release Tynes.


Q3. Can the Breakout be adjusted?


The breakout on spring release tines is pre-set before leaving the factory. We have a hydraulic breakout tyne which is adjustable between 227-386kg/500-650lbs.


Q4. Can bigger Tyres be fitted for better Floatation?


Good used super single tyres are available if required at no extra cost. Wide or floatation tyres can be used as an option depending upon frame design.


Q5. Do Janke have a Floating Hitch available? 


Yes, Janke have developed a Hydraulic Floating Hitch which provides better ground following than machines with wheels outside the frame and available as an option.


Q6. Can you fit other brand of points to Janke Tynes?


Janke planting tynes are designed to fit the Janke range of planting points. However, if you have different requirements we would be happy to discuss this with you.

The Planting Tynes can be removed from the Tyne Head and be replaced with Cultivating Tynes if required with a simple pin adjustment.