Janke Eliminator - Linkage

2017 A updated eliminators are currently under design.

The Semi-Mount Eliminator is mounted to the tractor by the lower linkage arms only (no top link), with extra support from rear castoring wheels.This produces less weight on the tractor, giving a smoother ride and positive tractor steering on turns.The linkage aims are not used to lift the mulcher - lift on the front of the unit is provided by two hydraulic cylinders acting on to the tow frame in conjunction with the rear wheel lift.

The simplified 'power take-off' (PTO) shaft makes this option more robust.
Universal joints are not affected by sharp turns and the level lift action always maintains angles equal on joints. This technically advanced design eliminates the need for a constant velocity joint.
Janke Semi-Mount Standard:
  • Uses the same heavy duty mulching drum as the field proven 'trailing' model
  • The mulching drum is poly-lined to safeguard against corrosion and trash build-up during operation and allows mulching to start earlier in wetter conditions.
  • Longer lasting PTO shaft upsized, upgraded and improved, the heavy duty
  • PTO shaft gives longer, more reliable service and reduced running costs
  • Superior shaft geometry - the smoothest drive possible, with reduced vibration and maximum efficiency and fuel economy
  • Wheels mounted at 2m positions. Stabiliser wheels are optional at 4m positions. Better access over crossings and causeways.


  • The rear mulching bar is fully adjustable for coarse , medium or fine mulching
    Castor wheel with new heavy duty clamping plate
  • Level lift action:
    -Ensures the implement does not tilt as it lifts or cause mismatched angles on universal    joints of the PTO shaft. This places less load strain on the moving components and reduces mechanical wear.
    - High manoeuvarability for tight turns
    - Less weight on tractor compared to 3 point linkage machines provides a smoother ride    and increased positive tractor steering on turns
  • Hinged safety guards for quick adjustment, lubrication and mainteance
  • Easy access to pulley belts and bearings for drums and pulleys

A wider range of specifications avaliable on request.