Janke Planter Units - Tyne Openers

Superb Trash Handling and Precise Seed Placement

Precise Seed Placement and Accurate Depth Control using Parallelogram Planting units - this means each row sets its own depth regardless of frame height. (Generous 6” of travel-up and down from centre)

Non Greaseable Long Life Bushes with hard wearing pivot pins

Superb Trash Handling - Each row has a disc to cut the stubble with rubberised side drums to minimise hair pinning and control seed planting depth.

Spring Release or Hydraulic Tyne.

Superior Flotation for maximum manoeuvrability.

Quick and Simple Pin Adjustments for independant seed depth and down pressure settings on each row.

Fertiliser Banding Attachments can be provided as an option.

Presswheels separately mounted either on parallelogram or on rear of frame available in a range of profiles.